Can’t stop thinking about my best friend Paul who died a week ago Friday. Miss him dearly.   This is written by his brother, Sesshu Foster.

East Los Angeles Dirigible Air Transport Lines

paul at asilomar

rain blowing through the cypress and pine forest across the peninsula/ but it was sunny the day we went to wendy’s memorial atop jack’s peak, first time i’d been up there/ i told wendy’s sisters i was very moved by their testimonial at the church in salinas/ you were tired, chose to rest in the car when dolores and i walked in the woods/ we looked south along the coast/ carmel valley below/ post-op, no chance for your stomach to heal, you were drinking again/ exhausted, napping in the front seat/

someone said you looked ten years older/ beard gone gray/

monterey bay unfurling to the north/ open to the pacific/ light and shadow on the water/ haze across the north/ i gave your computer to alba and little omar/ alba said big omar, deported to oaxaca because of dui’s, is drinking his life away/ little omar took the laptop…

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My little town; contrasts

My little town; contrasts

At one time Chinese workers lived in Pacific Grove and worked at the Canneries on Cannery Row (think John Steinbeck). I’ve heard that these little houses were what they lived in and that they had dirt floors. I don’t even want to think about what this cute baby would sell for today!!!